Residential and Commercial Real Estate  Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, it is important to understand local, county, and state land use, planning, and zoning laws. We represent property owners and developers through all stages of the planning and zoning approval process. Before undertaking a a development project, contactus to schedule a consultation.Attorneys at our firm previously represented the State of New Hampshire in construction-related litigation for approximately five years. Our firm represents builders and property owners throughout New Hampshire, and will represent your interests before Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Adjustment, the Board of Selectmen, NH Department of Environmental Services, the NH Department of Transportation and any other state and local environmental boards. Some of our other practice areas include:

  • Variances and re-zoning issues
  • Subdivisions and property developments
  • Environmental regulations and permits
  • Land use disputes and infractions
  • Development plans and permits
  • Representation of condominium associations
  • Property access issues
  • Eminent Domain
  • Construction payment and performance issues, including Mechanics Liens for General Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Disputes over change orders, additions and extras within construction contracts.

As skilled land use and zoning lawyers, we can guide both property owners and developers through the sometimes complicated process related to land use, planning, and zoning. In fact, please note that the application laws provide little room for error, such that if you make a mistake in applying, you may have a difficult time appealing any denial.

Both New Hampshire’s and Massachusetts’ laws are strict regarding environmental protections as well. As a property owner, you must comply with these regulations, or face civil and/or criminal penalties. We advise developers on pertinent environmental regulations and compliance, especially those related to wetland issues. We regularly work with engineers in developing viable proposals acceptable to land use regulators.

If you are facing a zoning, land use, or planning infraction, it is important to deal with the matter as soon as possible. Collectively, in conjunction with engineers and other land use specialists, as appropriate, we assist in identifying and implementing the most efficient and effective method of achieving compliance, while minimizing any penalties or adverse effects on your project.

Our Real Estate Practice

As skilled real estate lawyers we provide insightful legal representation to homeowners, home buyers, developers, businesses, contractors, and all other parties to a real estate transaction. We also draft legal documents related to real estate transactions, and represent people in any and all property disputes. Examples of our practice areas include the following:

  • Real Estate Closings: We represent both buyers and sellers in real estate closings.
  • Drafting of Real Estate Documents: We draft residential and commercial purchase and closing agreements, and review title insurance policies. We also draft and review zoning and land use documents and opinions.
  • Boundary Line Issues: Our firm assists clients dealing with legal problems related to title description, easements, title insurance, liens, mortgages, and ownership.
  • Real Estate Disputes: We represent property owners in disputes with neighbors regarding title, property boundaries, rights under easements, and adverse possession, among others.
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes: We represent commercial landlords in eviction proceedings against tenants for the non-payment of rent, breach of a lease, or other similar issues.
  • Eminent Domain. As a former Assistant Attorney General who represented the State in eminent domain proceedings, we have particular expertise in representing parties in eminent domain matters before the NH Board of Tax and Land Appeals, and in various appeals to the NH Judicial Branch.

Real Estate Dispute Resolution

We assist clients with the following representative types of real estate disputes:

  • Purchase and Sale contract disputes
  • Title issues
  • Zoning disputes
  • Boundary line / property line disputes
  • Construction defects, construction contract performance and payment disputes.
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Condominium Association issues

Since many legal questions may present themselves during a real estate closing, it is imperative to retain an attorney who can answer these questions promptly and effectively. Please speak to us before you sign any agreements.

Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Law

A cooperative, condominium or homeowners’ association (HOA) is comprised of a group of property owners who form an organization to manage the property covered by the association’s charter. Generally, a monthly fee or assessment is collected from the members of the association to pay for a variety of services, including property maintenance, security and other costs, and periodic special assessments are collected for immediate, unbudgeted expenses..

By belonging to a cooperative, condominium or homeowners’ association, members are expected to comply with the terms of the charter. This is where many of these organizations encounter problems. Our attorneys have significant experience handling the following issues:

  • Association Rules enforcement
  • Liens and attachments for nonpayment of regular and special assessments.
  • Rent Claims against Tenants of delinquent unit owners
  • Eviction notices
  • Zoning disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Association Bylaws
  • Property maintenance issues
  • Meetings involving boards and members
  • Annual meetings

How We Can Help

Property maintenance and property value are very closely connected. Cooperative, condominium and homeowners’ associations have the responsibility of collecting fees from their members to ensure that the property retains its value. However, when even one property owner fails to comply, it can be difficult or even impossible to do this.

We represent homeowners’ associations, condo associations, co-ops and the boards of each of these entities. We can help you deal with any legal complications that may arise: financial concerns, board issues, eviction matters, unpaid association dues and more.