“Thank you for hosting our deposition. We found our  experience to be warm and comfortable throughout. You and your staff show a level of professionalism and courtesy of a grade-A firm. Thank you and your staff for their professional etiquette.” K.D., March 14, 2012

“Lisa recently was opposing counsel in an acrimonious divorce case. As the successor to the petitioners original attorney she was able to quickly distill the economic issues from the acrimony and swiftly and efficiently bring to resolution in thirty days litigation some nine months and no closer to resolution after nine months than the day on which it was filed. She is a courteous and efficient professional to work with. I believe she served her client well. I look forward to working with her in other cases.” March 6, 2012  (Biron Bedard, Esquire of Ransmeier & Spellman, PC)

“Craig Donais was retained as an attorney for a complex case  (for) my company… Craig has extensive experience, great demeanor, posture, and a great way of making things happen…. My company recommends this attorney to all business owners and/or anyone in need of a quality attorney who gets the job done!” (Robert Currao, client, January 26, 2010)

“Thank you very much for your help in [our] matter. I’m sure we wouldn’t have had the same result on our own.” (J.C., client, June 25, 2012)

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